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Tokyo Karaoke Nights

Thursday, July 12th • 7:00pm Start

Welcome to Tokyo Karaoke Nights!

Good singer, Bad singer. We'll be your Japanese supporters!

Do you like singing? Cause this event is just for you! Gather up with the rest of the locals in Tokyo and SING THE NIGHT AWAY! Anyone is welcome to join. Either you’re a traveler, a salaryman, a homeless bum, or a lettuce, we will give you the microphone! If you don’t want to sing, we still give you the microphone!

Will there be drinks and snacks though? Better! We have the whole bar to ourselves. There will be discounted drinks and snack stand so don’t you worry.

This event is for meeting people and make friends through singing. Bring your friends! The more the merrier.


• 4 hours of fun.
• DISCOUNTED drinks at the bar (500YEN)
•  Costumes & Props
• Link to Photos on Facebook


Sheyda Bar