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Live the Fouth!

FRI July 3rd & July 4th

Posted by Brett on June 28rd, 2015  • Comments (72)

The rainy season in Japan is coming to an end - but vodka contiues to fall from the sky at the Tokyo Pub Crawl! Come celebrate the arrival of hot and sunny summer days, and if you happen to be American, finding another reason to celebrate shouldn't be a problem.

For the rest of us, we're just going to do what the TV shows tell us. Dress up in red, white, blue, get drunk,light off a bunch of fireworks, and hopefully avoid permanently disfiguring accidents!

In reality, we're looking forward to a very special pub crawl this weekend and have some great bars and clubs lined up. It's going to be a big party all around, so don't hesitate to stop by and grab a drink. Also, last weeks pics will be up on facebook in a few days. Sorry about the delay!


If you haven't yet, check our our ARTICLE IN THE JAPAN TIMES!

Should you be curious about the Tokyo Pub Crawl, or you drank too much and can't remember what happened at the last one click here for pictures of our previous events. Looking good? Tag yourself!

Drinking Out of the Bathroom Shoes!

FRI June 26th & SAT June 27th

Posted by Brett on June 23rd, 2015  • Comments (88)

To be honest, the phrase "Drinking Out of the Bathroom Shoes" probably ony makes sense to those who have attended the Tokyo Pub Crawl - but, yes folks! You too can drink out of the bathroom shoes! Presenting the "Anything But Cups" Pub Crawl Party!

In reality, this weekend we will be drinking out of anything except, you guessed it, CUPS! So bring along your favorite household item, as long as it can hold beer. This is a ridiculously bizarre and fun party you don't want to miss. On top of that, WE ARE GOING TO 2 AWESOME CLUBS! Details inside.

Big weekend last weekend. Pics up on Facebook. Nuff Said.

Hot Summer Nights

FRI June 19th & SAT June 20th

Posted by Brett on June 15th, 2015  • Comments (41)

Visiting Tokyo soon? Get ready to sweat! When it's not raining, you'll be swimming through air so thick you could cut it with a knife. But luckily you'll find no shortage of air conditioning, shady spots to rest, swimming pools, and our favorite - ICE. COLD. DRINKS.

We know just the perfect place to help you find them. And of course, the pub crawl starts at dusk so there's bound to be a cool breeze coming off the bay to keep you going between the bars. Just one catch: As a salute to the season, we're wearing orange and yellow! Be loud and bright. Let's kick off sumer with a bang!

The Sun is Shining in Tokyo!

FRI June 12th & SAT June 13th

Posted by Brett on June 9th, 2015  • Comments (41)

So get out your SUNGLASSES and bring them down to the pub crawl! When you aren't bumping into people and spilling your drink down the front of your shirt, expect to make a lot of new friends and dance your ass off. Also, there will be plenty of shots for the willing!

Pics from last week's White and Gold pub crawl will be up soon. We finished the night on Saturday at Flip Production's TOGA PARTY at Club Six and that place was nuts!! Hope to go back there soon (Hint: We will). Enjoy the sun in Tokyo and forget about all that rainy season nonsense, for now.

White and Gold Revisited

FRI June 5th & SAT June 6th

Posted by Brett on June 1st, 2015  • Comments (41)

Lots of fun last week at the Geeks & Nerds Pub Crawl! A surprising number of geeks and nerds dressed up loud and proud. Congrats to an especially tenacious geek who named all the members of the Starship Enterprise.

This weekend is going to be the Gold & White party, and its exactly what it sounds like. Many many free drinks will be awarded to anyone wearing the original internet dress (and thus settles the debate once and for all). SAT night we will end the evening at a special Toga afterparty. Come and have a drink!

Release the Geek!

FRI May 29nd & SAT May 30th

Posted by Brett on May 18th, 2015  • Comments (51)

Not quite sure what's gotten into everyone these last few weeks. But we had a huge mob of pub crawlers last weekend, and from what I remember, great times were had by all. About 110 on Friday and over 150 on Saturday. Must be the weather.

Next week's theme is the GEEK AND NERD party. Yeah just like it sounds. Let your inner geek shine, place your pocket protectors, dust off the glasses, and get ready for a hell of a party.

No, the theme isn't required. But who doesn't want to see a bunch of drunk geeks (i.e. me every weekend). That's what I thought. Let's pub crawl!!

Mad Hatter's Paradise

FRI May 22nd & SAT May 23rd

Posted by Brett on May 18th, 2015  • Comments (51)

Lots of fun with the big group who came out for our Necktie Party last weekend. Almost 300 people on Friday and Saturday! Large, happy, friendly group. Didn't break anything. Awesome. Pics up on Facebook soon!

This weekend is our CRAZY HAT PARTY! Grab a crazy hat, anyone you choose, and take all the pleasure in the world wearing it for Tokyo to see. Prizes, drinks, and other embarassing shenanigans for the most crazy and/or ridiculous hats. So do your best!!

Also, the weather is nice and the rainy season hasn't hit Tokyo yet, so in other words, the best time to get out and party. Beers on the street are also never a bad idea. Let's have some fun in Tokyo!

Pink Pub Crawling!

FRI May 8th & SAT May 9th

Posted by Brett on May 4th, 2015  • Comments (61)

Apparently nobody was hungover from Golden Week because we had some massive crowds come out last weekend for our PINK PUB CRAWL. With about 250 people total, it was one hell of a night. And y'all behaved so thanks for that!

The theme for this week is NECKTIE / BOW TIE party! So grab a tie - the more awful, the better - and come fill your cup with us at the pub crawl! A number of bars and clubs await your horrible sense of fashion.

Pink Pub Crawling!

FRI May 8th & SAT May 9th

Posted by Brett on May 4th, 2015  • Comments (61)

Golden Week is not yet over, but after 6 pub crawl events, we're taking a few days off to relax and sober up. Don't worry, we'll be back this weekend for our PINK PUB CRAWL! Wear something pink and join us this Friday and Saturday for a night on the town. The weather is perfect!

Had an awesome time meeting and hanging out with about 600 Golden Week pub crawlers. Your pics are up on Facebook!!

Golden Week Insanity!!!

TUE Apr. 28, FRI May 1, SAT May 2, SUN May 3, MON May 4

Posted by Brett on April 27th, 2015  • Comments (161)

Golden Week starts now! Japan's favorite holiday season is upon us! Turn the lights off at the office, close the textbooks, and disregard any sense of responsibility for the next 7 days!!

This is a special time in Japan. Half of the working population exits the country for some much needed R&R, and in the vacuum that remains, the other half parties their brains out. Golden Week in a nutshell.

For us pub crawlers, that means a 5 day marathon. 5 pub crawls!! Can you make them all? If so, you will be declared the Ultimate Crawler and receive a very, very special price. See you at the bar!