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Our Best Friend's Pub Crawl

FRI Aug 28th & SAT Aug 29th

Posted by Brett on August 24th, 2015  • Comments (60)

August 26th is National Dog Day (not sure what nation) and in our book that's as good as any reason to have a pub crawl. Yes, that's right. We're raising our glass to Fido's honor this Friday and Saturday.

Though we strongly discourage bringing your pets along to the bars, and indeed most clubs won't let them in anyway, we can still party like they would want us to. Get ready to visit 3 bars and 1 clubs on this nightlife tour of Tokyo.

If you are a cat person, that is also totally ok. We like cats too. Just not as much as dogs. So you can celebrate cats day on Sunday, and we'll celebrate dogs day on Friday and Saturday.

Only half kidding. Everyone is invited of course. See you all this Friday and Saturday!


If you haven't yet, check our our ARTICLE IN THE JAPAN TIMES!

Should you be curious about the Tokyo Pub Crawl, or you drank too much and can't remember what happened at the last one click here for pictures of our previous events. Looking good? Tag yourself!

Green means GO! (And red means NO)

FRI Aug 21st & SAT Aug 22nd

Posted by Brett on August 17th, 2015  • Comments (44)

That's right! This Friday and Saturday the Traffic Light Pub Crawl is returning to Tokyo. The perfect event for people both looking for a date, or just want to hang out. Not sure? You're good to go, too!

Just be sure to wear green if you are single and ready to mingle, red if you're off the market, and yellow/orange if you can't quite decide. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone :)

Always a fun party and of course its only half-serious. Either way there will be plenty of good company, cool bars, and cold drinks. See you guys this weekend!

Slip into Something More Comfortable

FRI Aug 14th & SAT Aug 15th

Posted by Brett on August 8th, 2015  • Comments (71)

When August rolls around and the weather gets hot and humid in Japan, we don't mess around. It's the Yukata Pub Crawl! Celebrate centuries of comfortable and fashionable traditional clothing by wearing a yukata or jinbae! You'll never want to throw on a pair of sweaty shorts again.

If that's not enough to keep you cool and comfortable, the ice cold beers and delicious cocktails on tap throughout the night will definitely do the trick. But if you decide to hit the dance floor.. thats a different story. Come and join us!

Rainbow Madness!

FRI Aug 7th & SAT Aug 8th

Posted by Brett on August 1st, 2015  • Comments (44)

Thankfully nobody turned up to the Anything But Clothes party in their birthday suit! But this weekend, we are celebrating a very special birthday. And in his honor, its a rainbow party. Honestly, we don't know why he chose a rainbow party theme, but he did. We're guessing he's always aspired to be a leprechaun. Come sing happy bday to Juliano!

Pics will be up in a day or 2 from last week's ABC party. Stay tuned!

Anything But Clothes

FRI July 31st & SAT Aug 1st

Posted by Brett on July 27th, 2015  • Comments (78)

After a fun weekend with 2 "Draw on Me" pub crawls, followed by the TPC Beach House party, we will certainly be sleeping well this week. But come Friday night, the Tokyo Pub Crawl will be back at it again. This time we are doing the Anything But Clothes party! Sound interesting?

Before you come wearing your birthday suit, no - it doesn't mean what you think. This week's theme involves wearing anything other than your street clothes. Be creative! And if you really must wear regular clothes, that's fine, too. :)

Pics will be up this Mon or Tue. Have a look and tag yourselves!

As Seen on TV

FRI July 24th, SAT July 25th, SUN July 26th

Posted by Brett on July 20th, 2015  • Comments (28)

Tokyo Pub Crawl made the television news in Tokyo this morning (FujiTV, tokudane) - and for good reasons! A TV crew was sent to document the adventure of communicating with Japanese via guide book phrases. All in all, the traveler seemed to have a lot of success. And he made a lot of new Japanese friends!

Thats a bit what Tokyo Pub Crawl is all about. Bringing all kinds of people together and bridging cultural gaps, all in the name of alcohol!

We've got a great pub crawl this weekend. DRAW ON ME! One of our most unique and popular themes. Don't miss it. Also, on SUNDAY, its the TPC BEACH HOUSE PARTY!!! Beach!! BBQ! Ayyyyyy! So much awesomeness.

Hot Hawaiian Nights!

FRI July 17th & July 18th

Posted by Brett on July 12th, 2015  • Comments (82)

Just when you didn't think it could get any more hot and muggy in Tokyo, your savior has arrived. The famous Tokyo Hawaiian Pub Crawl has returned this year! Get in the Aloha spirit and grab a sweet tropical drink, shake those hula hips, and join us for a night on the town.

Grass skirts, coconut bras, hula hoops, sunglasses, flower leis, Hawaiian shirts, mu-mu dresses, and everything else that reminds you of Hawaii is all highly recommended dress code.

This is a classic Tokyo Pub Crawl night, and we'ev always had a lot of fun with this one. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, don't miss it!

Vive le Pub Crawl!

FRI July 10th & July 11th

Posted by Brett on July 6th, 2015  • Comments (52)

Why do Americans get to have all the fun? We had a blast last weekend on our Fourth of July pub crawls (yes, that did include the 3rd of July as well). About 300 people turned out in total. Pictures of their victorious night are up on Facebook now.

This weekend, we're celebrating all things French, starting with the day that kicked off the French Revolution! So grab a baguette, a bottle of wine and a beret (all French people hate me now), and come on down for a drink!

In all honestly, its only because Tokyo is such an awesome cosmopolitan city that we can celebrate different cultures week in and week out, while giving plenty of love to the wonderful Japanese culture. So let's party!

Live the Fouth!

FRI July 3rd & July 4th

Posted by Brett on June 28rd, 2015  • Comments (72)

The rainy season in Japan is coming to an end - but vodka contiues to fall from the sky at the Tokyo Pub Crawl! Come celebrate the arrival of hot and sunny summer days, and if you happen to be American, finding another reason to celebrate shouldn't be a problem.

For the rest of us, we're just going to do what the TV shows tell us. Dress up in red, white, blue, get drunk,light off a bunch of fireworks, and hopefully avoid permanently disfiguring accidents!

In reality, we're looking forward to a very special pub crawl this weekend and have some great bars and clubs lined up. It's going to be a big party all around, so don't hesitate to stop by and grab a drink. Also, last weeks pics will be up on facebook in a few days. Sorry about the delay!

Drinking Out of the Bathroom Shoes!

FRI June 26th & SAT June 27th

Posted by Brett on June 23rd, 2015  • Comments (88)

To be honest, the phrase "Drinking Out of the Bathroom Shoes" probably ony makes sense to those who have attended the Tokyo Pub Crawl - but, yes folks! You too can drink out of the bathroom shoes! Presenting the "Anything But Cups" Pub Crawl Party!

In reality, this weekend we will be drinking out of anything except, you guessed it, CUPS! So bring along your favorite household item, as long as it can hold beer. This is a ridiculously bizarre and fun party you don't want to miss. On top of that, WE ARE GOING TO 2 AWESOME CLUBS! Details inside.

Big weekend last weekend. Pics up on Facebook. Nuff Said.

Hot Summer Nights

FRI June 19th & SAT June 20th

Posted by Brett on June 15th, 2015  • Comments (41)

Visiting Tokyo soon? Get ready to sweat! When it's not raining, you'll be swimming through air so thick you could cut it with a knife. But luckily you'll find no shortage of air conditioning, shady spots to rest, swimming pools, and our favorite - ICE. COLD. DRINKS.

We know just the perfect place to help you find them. And of course, the pub crawl starts at dusk so there's bound to be a cool breeze coming off the bay to keep you going between the bars. Just one catch: As a salute to the season, we're wearing orange and yellow! Be loud and bright. Let's kick off sumer with a bang!

The Sun is Shining in Tokyo!

FRI June 12th & SAT June 13th

Posted by Brett on June 9th, 2015  • Comments (41)

So get out your SUNGLASSES and bring them down to the pub crawl! When you aren't bumping into people and spilling your drink down the front of your shirt, expect to make a lot of new friends and dance your ass off. Also, there will be plenty of shots for the willing!

Pics from last week's White and Gold pub crawl will be up soon. We finished the night on Saturday at Flip Production's TOGA PARTY at Club Six and that place was nuts!! Hope to go back there soon (Hint: We will). Enjoy the sun in Tokyo and forget about all that rainy season nonsense, for now.

White and Gold Revisited

FRI June 5th & SAT June 6th

Posted by Brett on June 1st, 2015  • Comments (41)

Lots of fun last week at the Geeks & Nerds Pub Crawl! A surprising number of geeks and nerds dressed up loud and proud. Congrats to an especially tenacious geek who named all the members of the Starship Enterprise.

This weekend is going to be the Gold & White party, and its exactly what it sounds like. Many many free drinks will be awarded to anyone wearing the original internet dress (and thus settles the debate once and for all). SAT night we will end the evening at a special Toga afterparty. Come and have a drink!

Release the Geek!

FRI May 29nd & SAT May 30th

Posted by Brett on May 18th, 2015  • Comments (51)

Not quite sure what's gotten into everyone these last few weeks. But we had a huge mob of pub crawlers last weekend, and from what I remember, great times were had by all. About 110 on Friday and over 150 on Saturday. Must be the weather.

Next week's theme is the GEEK AND NERD party. Yeah just like it sounds. Let your inner geek shine, place your pocket protectors, dust off the glasses, and get ready for a hell of a party.

No, the theme isn't required. But who doesn't want to see a bunch of drunk geeks (i.e. me every week).

Nothing but Pub Crawls

FRI Apr 10 & SAT Apr 11

Posted by Brett on April 10th, 2015  • Comments (44)

Cherry blossom pandemonium has died down and it's time to get back to business! The pub crawl is returning in FULL FORCE this weekend with our Spring Fever Pub Crawl!! Yeah, time to get off your butt and outta the house. Let's party!

Actually, we had an amazing group come out last weekend. Especially all your Saturday folks. Good heavens, you drank a lot of vodka. You drank the bejeesus out of our vodak. Wow. Wait till you see the pics... ;)

Sakura Weekend is Here!!

FRI Apr 3 & SAT Apr 4

Posted by Brett on April 2nd, 2015  • Comments (78)

Ready for a Tokyo Bar Crawl? You've come to the right place! Now that the sakura has bloomed, we are hitting the streets for a weekend full of adventure, friendship, and most importantly beer -- beer bongs and beer pongs can also be arranged.

Celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or engagement in Tokyo? Let us know, so we can celebrate with you!!